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We stock a large inventory of parts for Chinese built tractors

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We stock a large inventory of Jinma tractor parts. Not all parts are listed on our site so if you don’t find what you are looking for, call us at 1-866-765-0110 we love to help!

Ordering parts for your Jinma tractor can be easy if you have the information needed to ensure you will get the correct parts. This should help you get started.

First Get the information off tags that are located on your tractor. Make, Model, year. This will help in locating the right parts for your tractor.

Second - Get the information off the tag on the engine. This can be found on or near the valve cover. These tractors were imported with different engine manufacturers. We are unable to determine what engine you have based on tractor model alone.

Third - If you need pumps or a starter for your Jinma Tractor each item will have a part number stamped right into the pump itself. Sometimes this will be hard to see so if you can't read it we will have to determine the pump you have based on port and shaft size. Most of the starters are straight forward but we have learned to put nothing past Jinma when it comes to consistency. If you are not able to read the QD number off your starter we will need engine model information and possible starter dimensions. We have been doing this for a really long time so you are in good hands!

Fourth - We have the experience to help you get the right part. While parts are often straight forward we have recognized possible differences in styles and we will work with you to make sure you get the right parts the first time. When you notice a part that needs to be replaced the best thing you can do is get as much information about the item as possible. A parts manual is a must to ensure you are ordering and communicating to us the correct information.

Some examples of parts differences that can be found on your Jinma Tractor:

Clutch - For the 20 - 28 hp tractors - 8" 3 finger, 8" 6 finger, 9" 3 finger - The only way to determine what clutch you have is to measure the disc.

Fuel sediment bowl - with nut or without nut - The only way to determine this is to physically check your current sediment bowl for a nut that would be located where the assembly screws into the tank.

Filters - The engine manufacturers have been known to change the filter housing. To determine what filter you need to get the number off the current filter. If you can't locate a number we will need the dimensions. We have uploaded most of filters we carry along with their dimensions in the filter section. Check it out at

Gear pumps- Shaft size and port locations may vary

Tie Rod Ends - Do not assume that because it is on the right side that it is a right-hand thread. Same with the left side. Often the Tie Rod itself has been rotated in production, therefore the thread direction is different. Confirm you are ordering the correct thread direction…. Left or Right.

Front Axle- Depending on the year of your tractor the front axle shaft has been upgraded and a replacement kit is now available and will be needed to replace this shaft. - To determine if you need the replacement kit we will need to know the date of manufacturing of your tractor.

Fuel tank - There are different styles of in fuel tanks, to confirm which tank you need call us at 1-866-765-0110

Fuel cap - There are 4 different styles of fuel cap - 2 prong, 3 prong and screw on (male or female), as well as different sizes. Make sure you give us exactly what you need.

Fuel Line - These can often be tricky with different ends and size. Call us with as much information about your fuel lines as possible to ensure you are getting the correct line.

Door Glass - While part numbers are available for the glass pieces, styles have changed and the part numbers have remained the same. For all glass orders, we need dimensions….: Across theTop, across the Middle, across the bottom and total overall height.

Pumps - Each pump will have a number plate identifying it. For gear/hydraulic pumps the numbers usually start CBN xxxx or CBJ xxxx. Sometimes this can be hard to read. If you can't read the number we will have to determine the part based on physical componence. Such as shaft size and type, how many and where are the ports located. Also, how does the pump mount onto the tractor - With or without flange.

Starter - The number usually start QD xxxx or QDJ xxx. If your starter doesn’t have a QD number we will need the engine information and possibly starter physical componence such as the number of teeth, center to center bolt hole measurements, cone size. We have been doing this for a long time so we will help you through this.

If we do not have the part you need, in stock, we can bring it in direct for the factor! Give us a call today!


Jinma Models

Jinma 180 - JM180, Jinma 184 - JM184, Jinma 200 - JM 200, Jinma 204 - JM 204, Jinma 250, JM 250, Jinma 254 - JM 254, Jinma 300, JM 300, Jinma 304 - JM 304 , Jinma 350 - JM 350, Jinma 354 - JM 354, Jinma 400 - JM 400 Jinma 404 - JM 404, Jinma 450 - JM 450, Jinma 454 - JM 454


0304-112 Instrument panel - Old Style, 160.31.137 Pull Rod Joint, 160.31.137-1 Pull Rod Joint - Right, 160.48.033 Tail Light, 160.54.013-1 Hydraulic Filter, 160YZ.31.020 Pull rod Joint, 160YZ.40.013-3 Steering Column Assembly, 180.50.015 Outlet fuel line, 180.50.020 Fuel Sediment Bowl, 184.21s.012 8 Inch Clutch Assembly, 184.31.024 Pull Rod Joint, 184.31.035 Steering Connector joint, 184.31.161- Bushing for Steering connector, 184.31.251 Rear Support Seat Bushing, 184.37.403 Gear, 184.37.404-1 PTO Shaft no Pump Drive, 184.37.404A Shaft - No Pump Drive, 184.42.110 Shaft, 220.37.103 Gear, 250.48.041 Switch Panel Cluster, 254.21S.001 9 inch Clutch Assembly, 254.21S.011 9 Inch PTO Clutch Disc, 254.21S.018 9" Main Clutch Disc, 254.31.102 Differential Axle, 254.31.160 Steering knuckle, 2JF200 Alternator, 300.37.121 1st Reverse Shifter Fork, 300.54.108 cross connector, 304.21s.001 10 inch Clutch Assembly, 304.21S.013 10" Main clutch disc, 304.21s.013 10" PTO clutch Disc, 304.31.105-1 Differential Axle Housing, 304.31.108-1 Differential Axle / Front Axle, 304YZ.31.105-2 Differential Axle Housing, 3PL109-90-1150 Fuel Injection Pump TY395E, 400.54.101 Cross Connector, 404.31.023 Drag Link 32.25, 404yz.31.020 - Steering Connector, 404YZ.31.155 -1 Steering Knuckle - Left, CBN-E314 Gear Pump - Old Style, CBN-E314 Oil Seal Kit, CBN-E314L Gear Pump, Fuel Cap, Gauges, Jinma 200 series Manual, JM SealKit200 Seal kit for 200 series Tractors, JM sealkit300 oil seal kit for 300 series tractors, QD100C3 Solenoid - Old Style, QD100C3 Starter, RPM-HR meter Old Style, Y385.10.012 Muffler, Y385T-1-03002 Oil Filler cap for Y385T engine, Y385T-11103 Water Pump for Y385T and Y380,


Huanghai jinma 16?18?20?25?30?35?40?45?50?55?60?65?70?75?80?85?90?95?100?120?125HP two-wheeled and four- wheeled tractors are series tractors which feature large tractive force, low fuel consumption, varied functions and easy operation, wide application and reliability. The tractors are suitable for dry land, hilly land, vegetable farm, orchard, garden and other kind of land. And what’s more, they are the ideal vehicle for transportation. Hydraulic steering, driving cab, roll over protection structure, turf tire and industrial tire can be chosen as options to fit on the Huanghai Jinma series tractors, Huanghai Jinma series tractors honorably won the Excellent Product Prize awarded by the government of PRC, and also won gold medal in international Fairs, the products were approved by OECD, parts of Huanghai Jinma series had already got the approval as well. Our series products are sold to more than 100 countries and areas in five continents.